Getting and staying in shape can be very challenging.

It is so easy just to sit at home and engage with your tablet or smartphone.

We make so many excuses for not exercising, it is not even funny.

But …

If you are like me, you love hitting the gym at least 3 times a […]

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A rotator cuff is a strong group of tendons and ligaments that form a cuff over the shoulder.

It both supports the arm and connects the upper arm to the shoulder blade.

The tendons in a rotator cuff are what five the shoulder stability, and the muscles are the ones that give the shoulder the […]

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Pain is not something that anyone enjoys.

But from time to time it is bound to happen to even the best of us.

So the question is: Do you have shoulder pain when raising your arm out to your side or perhaps out in front of you?

And your likely answer is Yes or you […]

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If you are in the majority of individuals with a bum rotator cuff…

You are most likely doing both of these.

Am I right?

But it’s not really a clear cut – do both kind of answer.

If you do one and not the other or if you do the wrong one, you may […]

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What sound does a bag of popcorn in the microwave make?

Pop, Pop, Pop!

That’s right.

But what if you’ve recently noticed this noise coming from your upper arm region?

To be more specific…

What if it is your shoulder that grinds, pops or cracks when you rotate your arm or

Bring your arm out […]

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Fact: there are 64o muscles in your body?

Incredible isn’t it!

They range from the largest muscle which is your gluteus maximus to the smallest which is called the stapedius.

But when it comes to your rotator cuff muscles, it is not that simple.

Here’s the thing…

Your rotator cuff is not simply one muscle.

It […]

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So you’ve just discovered that your shoulder injury is much worse than you thought.

And if you are like the majority of individuals, you probably have injured one of the four rotator cuff muscles.

Am I right?

So where should you go from here?

I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is […]

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Are you concerned that you shoulder pain could be something a little more serious than you first thought?

Has your shoulder pain been getting worse as time goes by?

If so then you’ve come across a great article that will put to rest any questions about what it is you have plus …

Steps you […]

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