shoulder pain at nightIf you are anything like me, you love at least 7 hours of shut eye a night.

For the simple reason that a peaceful night sleep guarantees your productivity and efficient working for the next day.

Why is your sleep so important?

How can you expect yourself to give the best at your work when you have not been well-rested the night before?

If you are experiencing any kind of disturbance during the night which causes hindrance in your sleep then it is better to find the cause behind it before finding a solution for it.

The most common kind of sleep disruption is caused by unexpected shoulder pain at night and these pains have nothing to do with your age.

There are numerous reasons that can cause such pain and one must be fully aware of them so that they can recognize their own symptoms before heading out for a solution for this pain.

Following are the factors that cause your shoulders to give you a tough night by being extremely painful:

1.     A Frozen Shoulder:

frozen shoulder

It is basically the stiffness of the shoulder that causes inability to carry out even the most normal shoulder activities.

This occurs when the flexible tissue around your shoulder becomes thick, swollen, or tight.

This gives less space to your joint and makes the movement of your shoulder stiff and painful.

Even everyday tasks of dressing and driving can become difficult and one can just forget about sleeping comfortably the whole night.

In worst cases, people are unable to move their shoulder at all.

Apart from age, a shoulder injury, diabetes, and other health conditions can cause a frozen shoulder.

2.     Shoulder Instability:

shoulder instability

You shoulder is actually a ball and a socket joint.

The top of your upper arm bone is the ball and the socket of your shoulder blade is the place where it fits.

In such a condition, you might experience something like a dead arm because it causes tingling, weakness, and numbness of your shoulder.

You may also experience shoulder fatigue and clicking, locking, or popping sensation in your shoulder.

There are two kinds of shoulder instability:

Traumatic: A sudden jerk or action makes the shoulder come out of place.

Atraumatic: With time, the shoulder gradually moves out of place.

Here is a good forum on shoulder pain, check it out and see if you can relate to any of the symptoms that others are sharing and experiencing.

3.     Shoulder Dislocation:

shoulder dislocation

This is the kind of injury in which the top part of your arm bone becomes disconnected from the scapula and causes intense pain.

It is one of the major causes of shoulder pain at night because even if one sleeps in a certain position, the pain cannot be avoided and is unbearable.

4.     Acromioclavicular Joint Disorders:

acromioclavicular joint disorder

Do not confuse it with the ball and socket joint because this is something else.

It is located at the top of your shoulder.

These disorders can be caused by:

·       Tearing or stretching of the ligaments that are present in this joint.

·       Partial or complete dislocation of the joint because of any reason.

·       It can also be caused by osteoarthritis which is a condition that makes your joint painful and stiff.

If this joint is dislocated, it is clearly visible that it is out of position.

5.     Shoulder Separation:

shoulder separation

This is caused by the disruption of the acromioclavicular joint and is entirely different from shoulder dislocation because it has nothing to do with arm bone and scapula.

The similarity between the two conditions is that both of them can lead to shoulder discomfort at night.

6.     A Broken Arm or a Broken Collar Bone:

broken collar bone

If by chance, you have met an accident in your life which caused a broken arm or a broken collar bone then it might also end up giving you late night shoulder pains.

It is said that such conditions tend to come back time after time with one kind of pain or the other so there is a high chance that the shoulder pain that is not letting you sleep during the night is caused by some old injury which you thought have healed completely.

7.     A Wrong Sleeping Position:

poor sleeping position

Review twice what kind of sleeping positions do you usually have during the night because there is a high chance that the shoulder discomfort could have been caused by a wrong sleeping position that brought stress to your shoulder.

Yes, one does sometimes fall asleep on the couch while watching television but such circumstances should be avoided because they might result in a pain which may cause you to end up fixing an appointment with the doctor.

8.     Shoulder Bursitis:

shoulder bursitis at night

There is a fluid filled bursa sac around your shoulder and inflammation in the fluid can result in shoulder bursitis. An injury, excessive use of shoulders, or aging may be the reason of the inflammation of the bursa and increase in its fluid content.

9.  Shoulder Arthritis:

shoulder arthritis

It is not a very common condition as compared to knee and hip arthritis but when severe may even require a replacement surgery.

10.     Rotator Cuff Disorders:

rotator cuff injury

Firstly, it is very important to know what rotator cuffs are.

It is a group of 4 muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint.

Find out more in this post which goes into greater details about the muscles.

Tendons are basically tough and rubber cords that attach the muscles to your bones.

The main function of the rotator cuff is to keep the correct position of your shoulder intact and allow all the right movements to it.

This can cause immense shoulder pain especially in the evening, before bed hence making it impossible for you to get any sleep at all.

Any of the above causes might be the reason for your shoulder to give you a tough time as it gets closer to bed time.

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It is the most common repetitive strain injury which affects the shoulder.

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