shoulder pain doing bench pressNothing can cut short your workout like an injury.

You were all pumped up to get in a good workout on your pecs but then…

Pain cuts your workout short.

If you were just doing the bench press and experienced shoulder pain, let me tell you …

You’re not alone.

Benching is known as the mass builder for your chest – we all know that.

Just about everyone in the gym does this exercise – faithfully.

And …

There’s usually a queue to snag a bench.

Because everyone wants to start their workout with this movement.

But it’s not just about building up your chest, there is some ego involved – right?

How much can you bench is heard a lot around the gym.

Because it is usually how we measure pure brute strength and get bragging rights.

It is for this reason that you often see guys/men walking around in the gym with the chests built like barrels and legs like a flamingo.

Ok let’s get back to the reasons why you maybe experiencing shoulder pain when bench pressing but …

More importantly, 7 tips to help you stay in the gym and not laid up on the couch at home.

Tip #1 Stretch a little

shoulder stretch

When you walk into a gym do not just go straight for bench presses.

Relax your muscles a bit and give them enough time to loosen and warm up a little before you make them indulge in such an exhausting exercise.

It is important to get the blood flowing to your pecs before you jump straight onto the bench and throw 225 on the bar.

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Tip #2 Don’t forget to breathe

control breathing

To generate more force which can help your body support the bar better, breathing properly will keep your body aligned and help you generate more power.

It will generate less stress on your shoulder areas and also helps your muscles relax before initial engagement.

Deep breathing before your initial rep helps flood your body with oxygen which you will need to keep the stamina going.

Tip #3 Give it a break

breakaway from bench

During bench presses, the shoulder muscles are being put to heavy use.

In fact, the most amount of stress is on your shoulders at first and then your chest.

Since pushing the bar up off the rack takes much out of you, ask someone for a lift off to help you get started.

Why not move onto a machine bench press which keeps your shoulders inline and does not allow your joints to sway at funny angles.

Machines are not just for older people silly.

Tip #4 Get a spot

get a spot

There is no harm in keeping someone around you who would give you a helping hand when you are bringing the bar down.

Instead of hurting yourself and missing out on this mass builder for weeks, wouldn’t it be better if you took the support of a helping hand?

In fact, it is also a safety mechanism.

I’ve seen guys have their teeth knocked by the bar because they never had a spotter and simply went to failure.

Saw nothing but chicklets on the floor next to him.

This is about being smart and instead of looking like the jock in the gym.

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Tip #5 Don’t go past 90 degrees with your elbow

avoid past 90 degrees

I see this so much in the gym.

For some reason, everyone thinks that you have to bring the bar all the way down to your chest.

No way!

All that does is out extreme pressure on your shoulder joint and open up your shoulder joint capsule.

Benching is supposed to target and pump up your chest.

Of course your shoulders and arms are engaged but focus on your chest and really squeeze those pecs together at the top of the movement.

Tip #6 Avoid incline dumbbell presses

no incline dumbbell presses

This one is what really opened my eyes.

I used to do the incline press with dumbbells whenever I did chest.

And I always had shoulder pain post workout.

So I cut out this exercise only and guess what.

My shoulders started to feel great and my bench press actually increased in weight!

What a bonus!

The reason for avoiding this exercise is that most people go down way to far with way too much weight.

Here is what you must understand ….

Going past 90 degrees with your elbows will only make your shoulders hurt even more and cause more severe injury.

Give it a try…

Cut this exercise out of your chest routine and I bet you’ll notice a huge difference.

Tip #7 Decline bench press

decline bench press

This exercise is not always available in every gym but …

If you have a smith machine and a decline bench, you are all set.

Why is this exercise shoulder friendly you may be wondering?

For this simple reason.

Your range of motion is limited.

And this is a good thing when you are suffering from a shoulder injury.

When setup properly, you will notice that it is extremely difficult for your elbow to go past 90 degrees.

Hence the reason why this movement is great, especially for those with shoulder issues.

And some great news …

You can probably push more weight on the decline bench than the flat.

Bizarre but true.

You can use dumbbells for this exercise but again …

Do not go past 90 degrees with your elbows and NEVER use too much weight.

Many of these tips are not what you would call “rocket science” but …

Here’s the thing…

If you have an injury, you need to work with it and not against it.

Be smart and let your body repair and heal.

Let me be completely blunt and upfront with you.

There is a 99.9% chance that your shoulder pain is the result of damage done to one of your four rotator cuff muscles.

Yes – there are four of them.

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